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Chia sẻ Rumor phần 2 ngày 8/3/2012
KA215 2012-3-8 23:54
"it's past midnight now, so this story is already about yesterday. in the wee hours in the morning of feb 3, i went out with my bf for a drink, and i saw yongseo couple at the crossroad of chongdamansebyongwon (in kangnam). Maybe it's a shootin of WGM, i thought, and i looked for the camera, but th ...
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Chia sẻ Rumor ngày 8/3/2012 Phần 1
KA215 2012-3-8 21:00
"rumor after busan eps:- ys not aware of the camera in the room was actually capturing their lovey dovey moments (since the mics were turned off)... where the automatic cam was on. and the mics were off. they were arguing abt sth, yong was pacifying her..when it appeared that she was pacified....th ...
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Chia sẻ ^^^
hangke296 2012-2-27 16:54
Fan Account : quả là 1 ngày đáng nhớ... gửi đến tất cả Gogumas, as u guys had seen my fanboard before i went to BangKok, hehe. Tôi có thế nói với các bạn rằng, 100% Yong đã nhìn thấy nó và anh ấy thích điều ấy. Lần đ ...
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Chia sẻ Rumor ngày 18/2/2012
KA215 2012-2-22 15:28
"someone said hyun went to the first concert, so it's the 18th maybe that's why she didn't leave to london right after music core, but she left for london the day after... that means she attended the concert after music core no pics of her at karasia but was there. so it's possible she went to cnbl ...
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Chia sẻ 12
5201yh 2012-2-22 08:35
There's one key way in which Android is massively different from its Apple-branded smartphone competition - the number of phones out there running Google's hot mobile OS. Samsung makes loads of them. Sony Ericsson makes a few. Then you've got Android-powered phones from Acer, LG, Huawei and many ot ...
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Chia sẻ 11
5201yh 2012-2-22 08:30
The HTC Endeavor (or Edge/Supreme as it has also been know) is expected to stride out on stage at MWC 2012 and wave its quad-core powered crown jewels right in our face. Quad-core is one of the buzz words in the mobile phone industry this year and we expect to see a number of devices packing serious ...
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Chia sẻ 10
5201yh 2012-2-22 08:20
Android 4.0 is already with us - it's installed on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, which launched at the tail-end of 2011, and has recently been pushed to the Asus Transformer Prime and the selected models of the original Xoom. Codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, this iteration of Google's mobile OS i ...
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Chia sẻ 09
5201yh 2012-2-22 08:17
The original Motorola Xoom was supposed to be the tablet which unseated Apple's iPad and established a glorious new era of Android-powered slate supremacy. It was running Google's first truly tablet-focused OS - codenamed Honeycomb - and offered blistering dual-core processing power. Despite the co ...
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Chia sẻ 2012-02-15
KA215 2012-2-15 15:39
Yonghwa ♥ Seohyun,You know? There are many fans always love and support you. Thanks Yonghwa for everythings that you made for Seohyun. Thanks Seohyun for everythings that you made for Yonghwa. Thanks YongSeo Couple, Because of you now I became Boice and Sone. Thanks YongSeo for made us know how t ...
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Chia sẻ 08
5201yh 2012-2-15 08:24
New Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins has a small window of opportunity to resuscitate the long-stumbling smartphone maker. Analysts and industry partners think Heins, promoted to lead the company late last month, may have only until December to prove his mettle. By then, they say, he must get ...
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