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5201yh 2012-2-15 08:21
Have you ever looked at someone's iPhone home screen, and noticed that it has five icons in the dock? Or maybe you've seen a classic console emulator running on an iPad? Don't go looking for these apps on the App Store--these features and more are only possible with a hack called jailbreaking. So ho ...
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Chia sẻ 06
5201yh 2012-2-15 08:19
Once you’ve configured your system language and time zone you’re presented with the lock screen, a ticking clock atop what appears to be wallpaper; tap and peel the lock screen away to access the Vita home screen. The Vita dispenses with the venerable Sony XrossMediaBar (XMB) interface that grace ...
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Chia sẻ 05
5201yh 2012-2-15 08:16
When the Sony PlayStation Vita arrives in North America on February 22nd, it'll face stiff competition. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become powerful, cheap and ubiquitous. And with great, inexpensive games readily available on a device that you're already carrying every day, is ...
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Chia sẻ 272
5201yh 2012-2-1 08:21
nother day.. Another news article about the impending arrival of Apple's venture into the tablet market. However, I'd like to share with you my views on this little bit of news; on why I think it might be true and more importantly - why I think it would work. Lately the rumours of a foray into the ...
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Chia sẻ 271
5201yh 2012-2-1 08:18
Buyers beware. Before you go out and buy that new Blu-ray scanning device Sony just released or the HD-DVD scanner for the $400-600 retail price, remember Beta. The Beta machine came out in the late '70s, a product endeavor from Sony. Before it came, no one was able to record their favorite shows o ...
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Chia sẻ 270
5201yh 2012-2-1 08:15
The Apple iPad is the biggest buzzing gadget in technology right now. There have been rumors of Apple's tablet, reader, and larger iPod for a while but it's finally been confirmed and I have all the juicy details and rumors... The Apple iPad has finally been unveiled and information has been releas ...
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Chia sẻ 269
5201yh 2012-2-1 08:12
As we dawn on the release of Apple's iPad one has to ask themselves, is an iPad for me? Apple says the iPad is " most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price." Sounds great! I'll take it. But wait, what exactly does an iPad do? Apple says the iPad is "The ...
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Chia sẻ Bài phân tích, cảm nhận về "YongSeo Is Real" =)))))))
KA215 2012-1-26 16:06
GOGUMA chingu !! Đã gần hai năm kể từ khi Yong Seo couple gặp nhau. Đối với tôi, đó là hơn 1,5 năm trở thành người hâm mộ của họ. Một ai đó trong số chúng ta đã có người thay đổi tình yêu dành cho YONG SEO . Nhưng đều đáng mừng là v ...
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Chia sẻ 26 - 01 - 2012
KA215 2012-1-26 00:44
I have a friend from the Philipines and about 3 months ago, at the JYJ concert in Barcelona, she told me about all these rumors about YS... She said they were dating, BUT there was something off with the media and the fans. She visited Korea and had friends there who told her the same abou ...
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Chia sẻ Đầu năm toàn chuyện spazzzzzzzzz =))))))))) Phớn năm nay rất may mắn :) ...
KA215 2012-1-24 02:15
Bên FBI chat có nhiều bạn hàn nói có rất nhiều fan Hàn biết và nhìn thấy Yong Seo đang hẹn hò mà mấy bạn ấy rất kín miệng ko thể nói ra "We have also korean sometime ago... she talk about Yong Seo is real , but she said she will be in troubl ...
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